Account for collateral return

Clearing Member can withdraw cash funds, recorded as collateral, to his own accounts or to accounts of his clients.
In order to do this the Clearing Member must register in prior in NCC details of such account as details of the Account for collateral return according to the Clearing Rules.

For registration of Account for collateral return details, Clearing Member forwards to NCC via EDI or via Web-clearing PAYPROPRQ request. Request format is defined in the paragraph 4.1 of the "Documents and reports forms and formats. Part I. Common Part" (available in Russian only).

Request is forwarded to NCC via:



Specifics of the Account for collateral return registration

1. List of accounts for collateral return

List of registered Accounts for collateral return by that moment can be received by forwarding Request for Settlement Accounts report, CODEINFORQ, to NCC via EDI. NCC, responding to such request, forwards to the Clearing Member Report on Settlement Accounts and details of the Account for collateral return - CCX98.

2. Changing several account details

In case if details of the account, registered with the NCC earlier as Account for collateral return, are changed partially (for example, Clearing Member name, ITN, BIC, correspondent account number or banking department change), Clearing Member shall provide Request PAYPROPRQ to NCC via EDI, which contains information on new account details.

If there is a great number of Accounts for Collateral return, registered with NCC on the Securities market, details of which shall be changed, Clearing Member can provide Application for changing details of the Account for collateral return.

3. Registration of the Account for Collateral Return for the client of the Clearing Member

In case if collateral is returned to accounts of the Clearing Member clients, Clearing Member shall provide the Clearing House with the following in accordance with the Clearing Rules:

Client identification letter (if the Clearing Member must identify clients);

copies of the service agreement / service provision / commission agreement / agency agreement, concluded between the Client and the Clearing Member, notarized or certified by the Clearing Member;

other document (upon demand of the NCC).

In case if the abovementioned documents are provided for several markets, Client Identification Letter is provided in one copy only, while all agreements / contracts are provided depending on the number of such agreements / contracts.

4. Time periods for registration of new Account for Collateral return:

Account for Collateral Return in Russian rubles, owned by the Clearing Member - not later than the day following the day when relevant application has been received;

Registration of the Account for Collateral Return, owned by the client of the Clearing Member, or of the Account for Collateral return in foreign currency may require additional control and may take more than one day;

NCC returns cash funds not later than the workday following the day when account for collateral return has been registered.

5. Opportunity to register Account for collateral return in foreign currency

  to account of the Clearing Member to accounts of the Clearing Member client's
resident CM non-resident CM resident client non-resident client
credit institution non-credit institution
Withdrawal to the bank within RF territory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Withdrawal to the bank outside RF territory Yes No Yes No - for non-credit institutions Yes