Collateral return

Clearing Member can return cash funds / precious metals, recorded as collateral, to its accounts or to accounts of his clients.

In order to make such return Clearing Member has to register in advance Account for Collateral return according to the requirements of the NCC Clearing Rules. Account for collateral return can belong to the Clearing Member or to his client. Such account is registered on the basis of the request:

Request for registration of the Account for collateral return

When Account for Collateral return is registered, cash funds / precious metals can be returned. Return can be executed using the following:

Request for collateral return

Standing Instruction to return collateral - automatic collateral return on a daily basis

«Depositing request» service allows to define amount of funds to remain as collateral when executing request for collateral return. The following requests can be used:

Request for depositing

Depositing Standing Instruction

Account for collateral return

Registration of the Account for collateral return of the Clearing Member / client of the Clearing Member

Collateral return

Request for collateral return

Standing instruction to return collateral

Depositing instructions

Depositing instruction

Standing depositing instruction