Become a Clearing Member

Granting access to the clearing service

Sign the Clearing Memberhship Agreement. List of documents.(available in Russian only)

Obtain an access to the EDI.

Submit the Request for connecting to the Web-clearing.

Submit the Application for access to clearing services.

Make a contribution to the Default Fund in order to have an opportunity to execute partially secured trades.

Provide the Request for the registration of the Account for collateral return details if there is the necessity to return cash funds. The Request is provided via the Web-clearing, NCC EDI or in hard copy.

Provide documents, which identify the account owner (in case if the Account for Collateral return, which belongs to the client of the Clearing Member, is registered).


Submit the Application for clearing logins on the FX Market and Precious Metals Market (for Clearing Members, which are not Market Participants)


Register Settlement Account(s) with the NCC through the submission of the Request for the Settlement Account registration (in hard copy)

Open trading collateral section with the NSD or use the service "Custodians"

Open the Trade Account(s) through the submission via the EDI of the Request for the Trade Account registration

Submit the Request for the registration of Trade Accounts of OTC Trades in case if OTC trades will be cleared

Provide the Application for assignment of the Clearing Login


Set up the Universal file gateway of the Moscow Exchange

Become a Clearing Member of the Securities Market - in case if an access to the delivery is planned


No additional actions needed