General information

The National Clearing Centre (NCC) is responsible for clearing and central counterparty activities. The principal and major goal of NCC is to guarantee financial stability for the financial markets’ segments served by NCC. NCC's comprehensive risk management framework encompasses all relevant aspects associated to its clearing and central counterparty functions.

Securities market risk management system

The NCC introduced a risk management system consisting of:

Requirements for Clearing Members

Safeguard Structure

Default Management procedures

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NCC calculates Initial Margin, Stress Collateral and contributions to the Guarantee funds for each clearing member.

Initial Margin

Stress Collateral

Guarantee Fund

Assets accepted as collateral are as RUB, CNY, Shares, OFZs, Corporate bonds.

Assets accepted as contributions to the Guarantee Fund are as RUB, OFZs.

The Single limit calculation

The Single limit is a component of the risk management system aimed to control sufficiency of collateral posted by a Clearing member in order to balance risks associated with a position portfolio run by the Clearing member.

The Single limit shall be computed based on the following:

marking to market of the portfolio;

market risk associated with the portfolio;

interest rate risk associated with the portfolio.

Initial Margin Calculation