Unified collateral pool

«Unified collateral pool» project, step I of which was implemented on 11th December, 2017, is aimed at reduction of costs of Clearing Members regarding execution of operations on Moscow Exchange Group's markets through provision by the Clearing House of unique clearing functional:

  • Unified account

  • Unified collateral

  • Cross-margining

  • Netting*

* Netting is executed when settling trades, executed on the fx, securities and derivatives markets

Step 2 of the Unified Pool project was implemented in the 21st May, 2018.

Since October 2018 the option “Return in the maximum possible amount” can be used in the Request for Collateral return and Standing Instruction for Collateral return. Maximum possible sum is calculated taking into account the requirement that the Single Limit of the Settlement Account on the Securities market does not become negative. In abovementioned request and instruction Identifier on the securities market shall be indicated. Such opportunity also allows to use Depositing request and Depositing Standing Instructions for Unified Pool Settlement Accounts

Unified Collateral Pool Management

In order to manage Unified Collateral Pool via the trading systems the following shall be provided:

Application for an admission to the Clearing Terminal

In order to start working with the Unified Collateral Pool the requests for assigning “Unified Pool” feature to the Settlement Account and for changing scope of action of the Unified Pool Settlement Account can be generated and forwarded by clearing members in the e-form using Web-clearing or EDI

Guidelines on how to work with the Unified Collateral Pool contain the following information:

How to create Unified Pool Settlement Account, add Settlement Account on the FX / Derivatives market

How to credit Unified Pool Settlement Account

How to withdraw cash funds from the Unified Pool Settlement Account

How to transfer cash funds between Settlement Accounts

How to transfer asset profile between markets