Eddi Astanin takes office as the Chairman of Management Board of Central Counterparty National Clearing Centre (NCC) on the 18th of June 2020, in compliance with the decision made by NCC Supervisory Board on the 11th of June 2020. He quit CEO position in National Settlement Depository (NSD). Mr. Astanin’s nomination to NCC is approved by Bank of Russia.

“Stakeholders of Moscow Exchange Group set the goal to transform NCC into an operationally autonomous, economically efficient innovative company, developing within the framework of the Group’ Strategy. To reach the goal I intend to сapitalize on a positive experience and knowledge gained during more than 25 year long period of my work on Moscow Exchange Group and in NDC. I believe NCC transformation will bring the additional synergy in the activity of Moscow Exchange Group and in achieving its strategic goals”, - said Eddi Astanin.

Mr. Astanin, PhD. in Engineering Science, has been working in Moscow Exchange Group since 1994. During first 11 years of his service he went all the way from a chief economist to the head of the Department for government securities and money market instruments of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX). In 2005 Mr. Astanin moved to National Depository Centre (NDC), a member of the then MICEX Group, and in 2010, after NDC was reorganized into National Settlement Depository (NSD), took office as CEO in the latter. NSD is a key component of the Russian financial infrastructure and an active member of the global post-trade community. In 2015 Mr. Astanin was elected to the Board of Directors of SWIFT as a nominee from Russian Federation.

Information for editors:

National Clearing Centre, member of Moscow Exchange Group, was established in May 2006. NCC implements functions of clearing house and central counterparty in the Russian financial market. Bank of Russia assigned NCC status of a qualifying CCP and recognized it as a systematically important central counterparty. The main and basic NCC function is to ensure stability on the segments of financial market, implementing advanced and complied with international standards risk management system and providing market participants with clearing services enabling them efficiently use their funds in the market. As of 01.06.2020, NCC capital amounts to 69,13 bln rubles.