According to a decision by the Federal Financial Markets Service dated February 17, 2009, the Bank “National Clearing Centre” (Closed Joint-stock Company) has been issued a license for clearing activities as a professional securities market participant. The license grants the NCC the right to provide clearing services for securities market transactions. This will enable the NCC to become a clearing organization, providing clearing services for transactions at the MICEX Stock Exchange and begin to serve as a central counterparty in securities purchasing and repo transactions in the MICEX Group stock market This operational expansion by the NCC, which has demonstrated its reliability and efficiency as a central counterparty and clearing organization in the MICEX exchange market, is targeted at developing clearing services offered to trading participants, extending the range of tools available to them, and building a unified effective risk management system in MICEX Group markets (MICEX Stock Exchange

For the information:
The Bank “National Clearing Centre” (Closed Joint-stock Company) which is part of the MICEX Group, was established in October 2005.  Since December 10, 2007, it has performed clearing activities as a central counterparty in the MICEX currency exchange market. The Bank shareholders are CJSC MICEX and the Non-profit Partnership National Depository Center. The NCC received a license from the Bank of Russia for conducting banking transactions in Russian rubles and in foreign currency. The shareholders' equity plus retained earnings of the  Bank “National Clearing Centre” as of February 1, 2009 was 2.262 billion rubles, including registered capital of 1.735 billion rubles.