The Russian Federal Tax Service Administration for the City of Moscow has registered amendments, concurred with the Bank of Russia, in the Charter of the  Bank “National Clearing Centre” (NCC) (Closed joint-stock company) in the section related to the authorized capital, which was increased from 700 million rubles to 1.735 billion rubles.
As a result of the additional issue of shares, the shares of the NCC stockholders, the ZAO Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and the Non-Commercial Partnership National Depository Center amounted to 99,729 and 0.271 percent responsibility, respectively.
In July of this year, the Bank of Russia registered the report on the additional issue of shares for the NCC in the sum of 1.35 billion rubles. Within the additional issue, 1,035,000 shares of ordinary registered uncertified shares with a par value of 1,000 rubles each were placed by private subscription.
For the information of editors:
The Bank “National Clearing Centre” (Closed joint-stock company) was established in October 2005. Since December 10, 2007, it has performed clearing activities as a Central Counterparty in the MICEX exchange currency market. The bank shareholders are the ZAO MICEX and the Not-for-Profit Partnership National Depository Center. NCC received a license from the Bank of Russia to conduct banking operations in Russian rubles and in foreign currency.
The shareholders' equity plus retained earnings of the  Bank “National Clearing Centre” (Closed joint-stock company)  as of September 1 of this year was 1.966 billion rubles, including registered capital of 1.735 billion rubles.
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