According to the time regulations of Moscow Exchange markets since May 1st, 2021 till May 10th, 2021 NCC will make settlements under trades according to the following:

Market 01.05.2021-
Securities market Non-trading and Non-settlement days As usual Non-trading and Non-settlement days No settlements under trades in foreign currency in “T+” and “REPO with CCP” modes and on the deposit market
Deposit market
Credit market As usual
FX market and precious metals market Execution of trades with the settlement date for obligations on the execution date (trades with TODAY settlement) and swap trades, settlement date for obligations under the first part of which arrives on the execution date
Derivatives market As usual
Standardised derivatives market As usual
Commodities market Non-trading and Non-settlement days


Fixed parts of fees and fees for recording individual clearing collateral and the “other type” collateral in the foreign currency will be charged on 11th of May, 2021.

In case if the date for paying out coupon (interest) on bonds and/or for repaying part of the main debt (amortization payments) under bonds, payments under which are made according to target dates, arrives during the period from the 4th May, 2021 to 7th May, 2021 the REPO Sum will be reduced on the 4th May, 5th May, 6th May, 7th May, according to the target dates.

Due to the fact that payment system of the Bank of Russia will be operating as usual, settlement under clients’ bank accounts will be processed as usual, according to the NCC’s Settlement Rules.


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