Posting Collateral

The following can be posted by Clearing Member as collateral:

russian rubles

foreign currency

precious metals

securities. Securities, issued by the Clearing Member or by the entity affiliated with such Clearing Member, are not recorded as Collateral under partially secured trades under proprietary TA

Ways to post Collateral in cash funds (to the Settlement Account):

  • Transfer from any account in any bank to NCC clearing and correspondent accounts with the obligatory indication of the Settlement Account in the purpose of payment
  • Credit of cash funds from special trading accounts
  • TRAN transfer in the Trading-Clearing System
  • Submission of the request to transfer collateral (MTRNQ via EDI or Web-clearing)

Additional materials:

Rules for formation of MT103 SWIFT messages (examples for AMD, BYN, KGS, KZT, TJS in EDB)

NCC account details for posting collateral