Georgy Uryutov

Member of the Executive Board

Georgy Uryutov was born in 1976 in Moscow.

Information on professional education

Higher education diploma

Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics

Graduation year - 1999

Qualification: Engineer

Specialty: Automated systems of information and control processing

Information on science degree (award date), academic rank (effective date)

- n/a

Information on further education (specifying a program and graduation date)

- Federal state-funded institution of higher education “Academy of national economy” under the Government of the Russian Federation
from 20/09/2005 to 05/07/2006
Retrain course «Financial management»

- CIMA dip PM, «Performance improvement» (05.2012)

From 7 April 2009 till 30 June 2020 took on various executive positions with NSD, from 9 April 2012 held the post of director of the Consolidating economic department in charge of the management related to settlements of services provided to clients, setting the budget for income, expenditure and capital investments into the company; controlling of budget spending; forming of management statements; managing financial analyses and assessment of business development related initiatives; “Pricing center” project governance etc.
On 2 June 2020 was employed by CCP NCC as the Financial Director and from 5 December 2020 has been elected as the member of the Executive Board (date of approval by the Bank of Russia – 12/08/2020) and is responsible for management of company’s financial area activity; supervision of Treasury, Planning and Economic division, Foreign tax administrating division, Division for activity with financial institutes: fulfils Executive Board Member’s function in a decision making on the questions of the NCC Executive Board competence. The abovementioned position is held up to now.

Georgy Uryutov doesn’t hold an office in management bodies of other legal entities.