Andrey Popov

Member of the CCP NCC Supervisory Board

Independent director

Member of the Audit Committee



Date of election (re-election) to the Supervisory Board: 26/04/2021

Information on professional education

Higher education diploma

Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation

Graduation year – 1996

Qualification: Economist

Specialty: Banks & Credit

Truman State University (Missouri, USA)

Graduation year – 1995

Qualification: Bachelor

Specialty: Business Administration (Finance)

Information on science degree (award date), academic rank (effective date)

- n/a

Information on further education (specifying a program and graduation date)

- n/a

Information on professional experience and duties*

09.01.2013 – 24.12.2018 Member of the Executive Board, Head of the IT Department, Raiffeisen Bank Managed work of the bank’s IT units, determined the IT strategy and planned the bank’s IT activities and budget. Acted as a member of the Executive Board while adopting resolutions within the Executive Board's competence
16.03.2021 – now Paysend Group Limited, Group Head of Technology Group Head of Technology

Information on membership in the boards of directors (supervisory boards) of legal entities

02.06.2020 – now Member of the Board of Directors, Bank ZENIT
24.06.2014 – 27.04.2021  Member of the Supervisory Board, NSD

22.06.2021 - now

Chair of the Supervisory Board of FI "Рayments and Settlements" (JSC)

* Information on professional experience of a member of the Supervisory Board for five years preceding a date of election to the Supervisory Board of CCP NCC.