Gorina Marianna

Chief Accountant of the CCP NCC, member of the Management Board of the CCP NCC

Marianna Gorina was born on 29 September 1963 in Gelendzhik.

Information on professional education

Higher education diploma

All-russian State Distance Learnng Institute of Finance and Economics

Graduation year - 2001

Qualification: Economist

Specialty: Accounting and audit

ll-Union Correspondence Accountancy College of the USSR State Bank

Graduation year - 1988

Qualification: Accountant

Specialty: Accounting and operational equipment in the State Bank

Information on science degree (award date), academic rank (effective date)

- n/a

Information on supplementary vocational education

International Moscow Financial-Banking School (Institute of Supplementary Vocational Education)

From 10 March 2004 till 11 august 2004

Advanced professional training in IFRS

Marianna Gorina started to work in the banking area in 1986 at the Moscow-Sverdlovsk branch of the USSR State Bank.
From 1989 till 1991, she worked at the Sverdlovsk branch of the USSR Savings Bank in Moscow.
In 1991, she was employed by “Russian National Commercial Bank” Open Joint-Stock Company where from 1998 till 2004 she was the Chief Accountant.
From 12 April 2004 till 07 April 2011, Marianna Gorina held executive positions in Joint- Stock Commercial Bank “Bank of Moscow” (Open Joint-Stock Company); from 04 April 2005, she was the Deputy Chief Accountant – Deputy Director of the Accounting, Reporting and Settlement Department and supervised the activity of the Accounting Division, Banking Operations Record Division.
In April 2011, Marianna Gorina was employed by Bank “National Clearing Centre” Closed joint-stock company where from 12 April 2011 till 16 May 2011 she was the Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board and was in charge of methodological and advisory work in the area of setting up the accounting and tax bookkeeping procedures.
Starting from 17 May 2011 when she was appointed the Chief Accountant and elected a member of the Management Board of NCC Clearing Bank (former name, Bank “National Clearing Centre” Closed joint-stock company) (the date of approval by the Bank of Russia: 21 April 2011) up to now, she has been supervising Accounting, Tax Bookkeeping and Reporting Division, Treasury Operations Record Division and Settlement Division.

Marianna Gorina doesn’t hold an office in management bodies of other legal entities.

She is married and has got a daughter.